• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: How do I get to Marana Parks and Recreation Office?
A: From Tucson: I-10 West, exit on Tangerine Road and turn left. Turn right Crossroads, which will turn into the I-10 Frontage Road, and turn left on Barnett Road. Turn right on Lon Adams Road and the Marana Parks and Recreation office is on the left side, across the street from Ora Mae Harn Park.
Q: What are my options for registering for a program/activity or reserving a ramada/field?
A: All registrations and reservations can be done: Online at www.marana.com/registration
In-office at 13251 N. Lon Adams Rd. Marana, Az. 85653
Mail-in at 11155 W. Civic Center Dr. Marana, Az. 85653
Q: What are the prices for reserving a ramada or a field?
A: Ramada rentals are priced by size of the ramada. The prices are as follows:
Small: $10/hr.
Large: $12/hr.
Pavilion: $15/hr.
Group Gramada: $30/hr.

Field reservation prices are as follows:
Open to 5pm: $5/hr.
5pm-Close: $8/hr. (This price includes lights on appropriate fields)
Q: How do I complete a ramada reservation?
A: You will first want to create an account or login, if you have already created one. (If you are unsure how to create a new account, please refer back to our FAQ's.) Once logged in, please follow the steps below.
-Click on "Reservation Requests".
-Enter a description and number of guest attendants. (Note: # of guests may affect search criteria.) Click SUBMIT.
-Under LOCATION, chose the park you are requesting. (On this page, leave all other options as "Unspecified", or "Any". This will enhance your search criteria results.)
-Check the SELECT box next to the ramada you are requesting. Press CONTINUE.
-Chose the start date and end date of your reservation. Chose the start time and duration of your reservation. Press CONTINUE.
-Check the calendar to make sure all information is correct. Press CONTINUE.
-Review selected information and pricing information. Press CONTINUE.
-Answer any and all questions fully. Press CONTINUE.
-Review selected information and pricing information. If correct, press CONTINUE.
-Enter credit card information and press CONTINUE.

You will be shown a confirmation permit with the status PENDING. Once your reservation request has been approved, you will receive the APPROVED permit via email. We require that you print out your approved permit and have it on hand at your reservation.
Q: Can I have a jumping castle with my reservation?
A: Yes! However we require that you use one of our approved vendors. Please contact our main office for a list of approved vendors (520) 382-1950. Also, the jumping castle must be weighed down rather than staked down. We also require that the jumping castle be run off a generator.
Q: I need information on obtaining a Beer Permit.
A: Beer Permits are only valid for the following parks:
Ora Mae Harn Park
Crossroads at Silverbell District Park
Heritage Park

A Beer Permit must be obtained at the main Parks & Recreation Building. A permit request form must be completed, and a copy of a valid driver's license must be made. The applicant must be 21 years of age or older to obtain a Beer Permit.

The fee for the Beer Permit is as follows:
$25-covers adults aged 21 and over only.

*Please note: any changes or additions to any reservations MUST be made within three (3) business days of your reservation.
Q: What is the refund policy for ramada/field reservations?
A: Refund/cancellation requests must be made four (4) days prior to the reservation date. An administrative fee of $13.00 will be applied to all refund/cancellations.
Q: What is the refund policy for programs/activities?
A: Refund requests must be made prior to the start date of the activity. An administrative fee of $13.00 will be applied to all refunds or cancellations.
Q: What is the policy regarding dogs in the parks?
A: They must be on a leash at all times unless they are in a designated dog park. You must also clean up after them. We have mutt mitts available for you to use.
Q: When does the pool open and what are the hours?
A: Each year, the pool opens the Saturday before Memorial Day. For dates and time please call our office @ (520)382-1950