• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: How do I create my Customer Account?
A: Before registering for any activities on our website, you must establish an account. You can click Create an Account or visit the the Mansfield Activities Center. Please do not create an account if you have had one before - use the "Forgot your password" feature on the Sign In page.

If you have already been added to the system, you can use "Forgot my password" and enter your email address on file and obtain instant access to your account.

Please note that most programs require a current MAC Card and you will not be able to register for programs until it is current.
Q: What should I do if I forget my password?
A: When you are prompted to sign in, check the "Forgot your Password" box and click Continue. You will be requested to enter the email address you provided during initial account creation. Upon submission, an email will be sent to you containing a temporary password. After signing in, you will be prompted to change your password.

If after completing this procedure you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our front desk during regular business hours and a member of our staff will assist you. (M-F 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-4pm)
Q: How do I update my information like address, phone number, email, birthdate, etc.?
A: Once you have signed in, you can go to My Account. Under Account Settings, you can select "Change Account Address or Personal Information" to update your address, email, phone number, birthdate, name spelling and emergency contact information for yourself. Please note that proof of residency may be requested at any time.

To change information for a family member, you can select "Change Information about Family/Friends" under Account Settings. Click the blue link for the family member you wish to change info and update as necessary.

Please note that a "Family" must live a the same address. If you have other family who need to register for a program or schedule a rental, please create a separate account for them.
Q: How do I add family members to my account?
A: During initial account creation online, instead of choosing "Create Account" at the bottom of the page choose "Create Account and Add Family Member."

If you already have an account and need to add a spouse or children, you can go to My Account and select "Change Information about Family/Friends". At the bottom of the page you will see, "Add New Family Member."

You can also add family to your account by visiting the Mansfield Activities Center during operating hours (M-F 9a-9p or Sat 9a-4p).
Q: How do I register for an Activity?
A: Once your account has been established, registration for Activities is easy:

1) Sign in to your online account.

2) Click the View Activities button on the registration home page. Enter a search term or browse through the listings.

3) Select the Activity that you would like to enroll into. If you see a green "More" button, there are additional options to choose from. Clicking the blue underlined name will show you a detailed Activity description.

4) Click the Add to My Cart button if you wish to register for the Activity.

5) Select the family member you wish to enroll in this activity. Click Next.

6) Review the fees. Any discounts available will be shown. Click Proceed to Shopping Cart OR Register Another Participant for this Activity OR Add to Cart & Continue Shopping. Once all activities have been selected, choose Proceed to Shopping Cart or click on My Cart at the top of the screen.

7) Review your selections and total due now. Click Continue to proceed with payment. The Edit button (pen) will allow you to change who is enrolled or the Delete button(trash can) will allow you to remove that selection. You need to check the box on the bottom left to agree to the waiver (click the blue link to read the waiver).

8) Click Check Out.

9) Enter your credit card information or select from a saved card. This system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Click Pay.

*Please Note: The name and address must match those that are on file with your credit company. If the address shown is not your credit card billing address, click the Edit button and change your residential address to match your credit card billing address.

10) Once your payment has been approved, your receipt will display. Please print a copy of your receipt for your records.

Tip: Unless the button says "Add to Cart", you have further options to choose from (days, times, ages, etc).
Q: Can I view Activities without registering?
A: You can always browse through the Activities without registering. Click View Activities button and look at all the Activities that are offered. Additionally, you can view a PDF of the current Recreation Guide at https://www.mansfieldtexas.gov/sites/default/files/media/recreationguide.pdf.
Q: Can I request a rental online?
A: You can submit rental requests for pavilions, athletic fields and tennis courts online. Requests for the Mansfield Activities Center must be done in person at the MAC at least 14 days in advance.

Pavilion requests are accepted online and in person at least 7 days in advance.

Athletic Fields and Tennis Court requests are accepted at least 3 days in advance for online requests but no more than 14 days in advance. In person requests are accepted for no more than 14 days in advance.

You can view a tutorial for How to Rent Online at bit.ly/howtorentonline.
Q: What will happen if I try to register for an Activity that is full?
A: You can choose to be Waitlisted. Your name will then be placed on the waiting list. You will be contacted in the event that a space opens for that Activity or additional Activities are added. If we are unable to contact you, your space will be given to the next customer on the waiting list.

If you do not want to be placed on the waiting list, click the Remove button that appears on the Shopping Cart screen.

*Please Note: Placement on a waiting list does not guarantee a spot in the Activity. It is recommended for guaranteed participation that you please choose another Activity with registration space.
Q: Do you charge a late fee?
A: We don't have a late fee, but we do have an early bird discount! You can save $5 off registration when you register at least 3 business days before a program begins (Early Bird Registration price). The current fee will be listed when you get to the "Add to Cart" level.

Tip: Save 5% when you register online, all the time.

Tip: We offer a quarterly discount day where you can save an additional 10% off program registrations. It is traditionally the 3rd Thursday of the month before a new Recreation Guide comes out, but call us at (817) 728-3680 or view the Recreation Guide (https://www.mansfieldtexas.gov/sites/default/files/media/recreationguide.pdf) to check for sure.
Q: How do I know if my discount or coupon has been applied?
A: The adjusted price for a program does not always appear at the initial registration (Add to My Cart) screen. You will see the reflected price adjustments on the following screen or in your cart.

Our quarterly Discount Day adjustment is automatically applied on the day and time indicated.

You can save 5% online, all the time.

Multi-class discounts, multi-child discounts and MAC member discounts that are offered for specific courses will be automatically applied.

Coupons are activated for specific periods of time and the system will tell you if they are invalid.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: If the Mansfield Activities Center cancels a program due to low enrollment, instructor request or other factors, your fees will automatically be returned to you. Special events canceled for reasons beyond the control of the organizers (inclement weather or unsafe weather conditions; local, state or national emergency), refunds will not be made, but race packets, including race shirts, will be made available for pick up. No refunds for any reason will be issued for special events within 30 days of the event start date. Earlier than 30 days before the event, a request may be made for a 50% refund, excluding any processing fees. Entries CANNOT be transferred or deferred to another event or year. Credit card payments will be returned to your credit card and cash or check payments will be returned by check.

For all customer initiated refunds, a Program Refund Request Form needs to be completed. You can find it at bit.ly/programrefund. Forms can be completed online or returned by fax, email, regular mail or in person.

You can view our refund policy at bit.ly/programrefundpolicy.

Please note it can take up to 3-4 weeks to receive your refund by check, although most customers receive their refunds within 2 weeks. Special event refunds will be processed after the completion of the event.
Q: How can I view a schedule of my family's upcoming scheduled Activities?
A: Sign into your account and click on the My Account link at the top of the page. Under Account Activity, click on the "Show Your Daily Schedules" link.

Highlight the family members whose schedules you would like to view and click on the top arrow button and move each family member over to the Selected Family Members column. Select Activities from Available Schedule Details at use the top arrow to move over to the Selected Schedule Details column.

Choose weekly or monthly layout at the top right of the page.

Click on View to proceed. A weekly or monthly schedule will display all of the activities your family members have been enrolled in and allow you to click on the activity for more information.
Q: Can I make payments online?
A: If you have registered for a program that allows scheduled payments, such as our Kids Zone Day Camp, you can make payments online at any time.

Log in to your account and click My Account. Under Payment Details, choose Pay on Account. You will see a listing of any payments due (future and now) and can choose how much to pay. Any amounts Due Now must be paid and you can pay as much as you want towards any Future Due amounts. Follow the prompts through for payment.
Q: Can I view my transaction history and print out my past receipts?
A: To access this information, log in to your account and click on the My Account link (located at the top right-hand corner of your screen).

To view prior transactions, Under Account Activity you may click on the "List of Prior Transactions" link. Click on the blue link for the receipt number to view details.