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Click here to view current rental information, policies and pricing.

Click here to view a PDF tutorial for How to Rent Online.

If you need to cancel your rental for any reason, please complete a Rental Cancellation Form here.

Tip: Start with CHECK AVAILABILITY to simplify your process!

Tip: If you need to book 2 pavilions or fields, check availability then access booking through RESERVE A FACILITY.

You can submit a rental request for a pavilion, athletic field or tennis court below. Mansfield Activities Center rentals must be requested in person at least 14 days in advance at the Mansfield Activities Center.

    • Reserve a Facility
    • Reserve a Facility
      Please note you can only reserve pavilions, athletic fields, and tennis courts online. Mansfield Activities Center rentals must be done at least 14 days in advance in person. Payment will be required to submit your request. Once approved (usually within 24-72 hours) you will be emailed a valid permit.
    • Check Availability
    • Start here! Check availability first and simplify your process.
      Not sure what you want to rent yet? View facility details including location, contact information and hours of operations. You can submit an online request for pavilions, athletic fields and tennis courts. Submit requests at least 3 days in advance for athletic fields and tennis courts and 7 days in advance for pavilions. Rentals for the Mansfield Activities Center are only processed in person at the Mansfield Activities Center at least 14 days in advance.