• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: How can I register for a program or class?
A: There are 5 ways that you can register:

- Online

- In person at certain Parks, Recreation, and Tourism locations

- Telephone registration

- Fax registration

- Mail-in registration
Q: What are the requirements for registering online?
A: There are 4 requirements for registering online:
1. You have to create an account
2. You must have a valid email address
3. You must pay with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit card.
4. You must pay a convenience fee in addition to the cost of the program (except free programs)
Q: Why should I register online?
A: When you register online, you register when it is convenient for you. No standing in line, no taking time out of your busy day to travel to a facility, no hassles. Once a program opens for online registration, you can register online 24hrs a day. Plus, you get immediate feedback of whether there is space available in the program, and confirmation of your registration and payments.
Q: Why do I have to create an account?
A: ActiveNet requires that you create an account before you can register over the internet. Creating an account has several benefits. Creating an account prevents you from having to re-enter your information each time you register yourself or a member of your family for an activity. When you register online, you will get immediate confirmation of registration and payment. And, your online account will let you view your current registrations, your past history, and view your current class schedules. You may also add family members to your account and manage your entire family's schedule - all from the comfort of home. In order to register online, a valid email address is required.
Q: Can I do anything with my account?
A: Yes! By logging into your account you can view your registration history, view and print class schedules, and keep track of where you need to go and when you need to be there.

You may log into your account by clicking on the "My Account" button at the top right of the page.
Q: Where can I register in person?
A: Register in person at these Newport News Parks, Recreation & Tourism Facilities:

Riverview Gymnastics Center
125 City Farm Road

Midtown Community Center
570 Mc Lawhorne Drive

City Center Administrative Offices
700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320

Bring in your registration form to a facility where our staff can help you. We encourage you to create an account online at www.nnparks.com/active before registering in order to speed your process and ensure correct information. You may make payment with a check, money order or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express only) No cash is accepted.
Q: Why are there convenience fees for registering online?
A: The ActiveNetwork, Inc. charges a convenience fee for any registrations that they handle on our behalf.
The ActiveNetwork forwards to the City of Newport News the class fee, and retains the convenience fee
to help defray their costs.
Q: How much are the convenience fees?
A: The fees are based on the total amount due for the transaction.

If the activity is FREE, there is no transaction fee.

If the total amount is between $1 and $149.99, then the fee is 6.5% , + $0.50

If the total amount is $150 - $499.99, then the fee is 3.5%, + $5.00

If the total amount is $500 or more, then the fee is 2.5%, + $10.00

There is a minimum fee of $2.
Q: Can I avoid paying a convenience fee?
A: Yes! In order to avoid paying a convenience fee you may do one of the following:

- Register in person at a Parks, Recreation, and Tourism facility.

- Register with the Parks, Recreation and Tourism main office over the telephone using a MasterCard
or Visa credit card. The telephone number is (757) 926-1400, and the hours of operation
are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

- Mail in the registration form found in our Program Offerings tabloid. The tabloid may be
picked up at Parks, Recreation and Tourism facilities, or you can download it through our
website at www.nnparks.com
Q: How can I register by phone?
A: Call 926-1400 to register with a credit card by phone. Please have your class information ready and please create an online account prior to calling if possible to speed your registration process and to ensure correct information.
Q: How can I register by fax?
A: Fax the registration form in the program brochure to 926-1460 with your credit card information included. If you do not have a registration form, you may download one by logging onto www.nnparks.com and clicking on the program tabloid link. Please create your account online at www.nnparks.com/active if possible before faxing to speed your registration process and ensure correct information.
Q: How can I register by mail?
A: Registration by mail is accepted, but please be aware that registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis and the mail process is the slowest form of registration.
Payment may be made by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express only) by money order (please include name of participant on money order) or check (please have social security or driver's license number written on check)

Please mail registrations to:
Attn: Class Registration,
Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320
Newport News, VA 23606