• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: Why do I need to set up an account?
A: Our on-line system is customer-oriented. Setting up an account allows you to easily register in the future, access a complete record of your course registrations (starting with Summer, 2004), print a personal schedule and more!
Q: What if I am not satisfied with my Wheelhouse Studios Course?
A: Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are dissatisfied with your course let us know and we will issue a Credit Voucher to be used towards any other course(s) in the next year. Phone and email requests are possible, requests cannot be made via our online registration site.
Q: Who can take Wheelhouse Studio Courses?
A: Courses are open to anyone over the age of 18. If you are a:
* UW-Madison Student
* WI Union Member
OR a guest of one of the above there is a $10 per course discount (taken at registration). Guests must register in the same course as an eligible participant to be eligible.
UNION MEMBERSHIP IS OPEN TO ANYONE - sign up today and save on your registrations!
Students registered in the Spring semester or who will be registered in the Fall semester are eligible for Summer Mini Courses.
Q: How much is Union Membership?
A: You can purchase Memberships online at the Union's web site (www.union.wisc.edu).
Annual Memberships cost $75. Your membership year starts from the date of purchase. You can purchase an Annual Membership on-line at the Wisconsin Union web site (www.union.wisc.edu) or call the Union Membership Office at 262-2263. There are also Life and Student Life Memberships available. Find information on the Union's web site or call the Membership Office.
Q: How can I find a course quickly?
A: The quickest way to find an individual course title is to use the "Advanced Search" function. This function is located at upper left corner of the course listing page/display. It gives you a wide variety of options for searching for a course.
Q: Why can't I see the listing for a Course that has already started?
A: Our course listing is set to search for courses that start in the future. YOU can reset this default setting under the "Advanced Search" option at the top of the course listing page. We DO accept registrations for courses after they have started, however we do not prorate the course fee for missed class sessions.
Q: Can I enroll a guest?
A: Students and Union Members can enroll ONE additional person in the same course, as their guest, at the same per person rate as their eligibility allows.
Q: Can I enroll in a course that has already started?
A: Wheelhouse Studios does accept registrations in courses that have already started providing there is still space in the class. Fee are NOT pro-rated for late registrations. NOTE: The default search on our web site is for courses starting in the future. IF you are looking for a course that has already started you need to change this default setting, located in the "Select" window at the top right of the course listing display.
Q: Where will my course be located?
A: Course locations are listed on your course Confirmation Notice, including directions for determining exact location if necessary. For classes in Memorial Union (800 Langdon St.), Union South (1308 W Dayton St.) or a "Campus Classroom" location, check the "Today in the Union" listing (TITU), posted on the Union web site on the day of your class. There are also video monitor displays at each Union listing exact rooms for events in those locations. Call our office (262-3156) if you need any assistance.
Most courses meet in either of the two Union buildings or in classroom space on campus. Courses meeting off campus generally say so in the course description. Unless specifically stated that transportation is provided, you are responsible for your own transportation to off-campus course locations.
Q: How about parking?
A: For most courses there is public parking within two blocks of your meeting place. There is a parking map available on our homepage. Call us (262-3156) if you have questions about parking for a specific location or want more information! UW Transportation Services (262-6666) can also provide campus parking information.
Q: What if I need a Refund?
A: A full refund of course fees can be issued if we cancel a course. If you elect to drop a course we must receive notice at least three full business days prior to the starting date. A $5.00 SERVICE FEE IS ASSESSED for any refund request. Refund requests need to be called or emailed to the Wheelhouse Studios office - refunds cannot be processed via the web site. No refunds for inability to attend published rain dates. Refund of Membership fees requires return of Membership Card. Note that receipts will not be mailed for credit card refunds. Please consult your monthly card statement for confirmation of refund.
Q: What about Transfers?
A: Transfers are possible up to three business days prior to the starting date of the second meeting of any course. One-session and individual lesson courses require notice three full business days prior to class start date.
Q: What is a Credit Voucher?
A: Instead of a Refund or Transfer you can have your course fees put on account for future course registrations. The c can be applied to future registrations, including web registrations. Credit Vouchers are possible up to three full business days prior to the second meeting of any course. A $5.00 FEE IS ASSESSED. No Credit Vouchers issued after second class session. One-session and individual lesson courses require three business day minimum notice prior to class start date. Credit Vouchers are good for any future course registration. Credit Voucher requests may be called or emailed to the office, Credit Vouchers cannot be processed via the web site.
Q: What about children in Mini Courses?
A: Wheelhouse Studios is a lifelong education program designed for adult learners. Participants must be 18 years old to enroll in a course. For liability reasons and State of Wisconsin Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse guidelines, there are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you for your understanding.
Q: What if I have a disability?
A: If you need accommodations please let us know at time of registration or call 265-6788 (TTY).
Q: What is the policy on weather cancellations?
A: 1. Courses Meeting Outdoors - Most classes have a scheduled "rain date" OR are scheduled to meet rain or shine. This information should be included in the course description and/or on your Course Confirmation Notice. Assume your course is running unless you hear from your Instructor or our office. There are no refunds for inability to attend scheduled rain dates OR you assuming a class is not running when it in fact did.
2. Major Storm Cancellations - All courses are canceled if UW-Madison cancels classes. The University rarely does this. Individual courses may cancel at the Instructor's request even if the UW remains open. Should this happen we attempt to reach all participants for any canceled class. We also update our overnight (after 5:00pm) voice mail (Main phone line at 262-3156) with cancellations.
Q: How does Wisconsin's Concealed Carry Law effect courses?
A: Weapons are banned from all Wisconsin Union facilities, programs and field trips, including those weapons allowed under the State of Wisconsin concealed carry laws, to the extent the law allows.
Q: What if I would like to teach a course?
A: The first step is to complete our Application and Course Proposal Form. This is available on-line (click on the "Instructors" link found on the memu on the left-hand side of the opening page of our web site). We can also mail you these forms. Call our office at 262-3156 to have any questions you may have answered and/or to request that the forms be mailed.