• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: What is the Adult Sports Player Contract?
A: The player agrees to play with the selected team in a Chehalem Park and Recreation District Sport League. I understand that I may not play with another team in this league without a release from this contract. I agree to assume all risk of accident or injuries sustained from whatever cause in connection therewith and release the Chehalem Park and Recreation District, Oregon Recreation and Parks Association, George Fox University, and Newberg School District, and their officers, agents, and employees from any and all liability for such accident or injury. I am aware of the risk and hazards connected with the above league for which I have registered. I agree to release from liability any other School District or any other private property we may be associated with while playing a game. I agree to abide by all league and Chehalem Park and Recreation District rules. I am at least 16 years of age. Having read the above, I agree to the conditions of this agreement.
Q: Are there discounts available for the CARE program?
A: Yes! When registering you may pay for the full school year in advance and receive a 10% discount. A 20% discount is available to families registering multiple siblings for the CARE program. A 20% discount is available for children enrolled in the CARE program and Bonnie Benedict Preschool consecutively.
Q: CPRD Website
A: www.cprdnewberg.org
Q: When will I be able to register for an activity on-line
A: The Coordinator for each of the activities determines the registration opening and closing date, these dates will normally be found under the activity description.
Q: What are the e-mail address for the CPRD staff?
A: Don Clements/Superintendent - dclements@cprdnewberg.org
Jim McMaster/Park Facility Supervisor - jmcmaster@cprdnewberg.org
Lynne Patrick/Care/Preschool?CommSchool/SASE - lpatrick@cprdnewberg.org
Lisa Joyce/Administative Assistant - ljoyce@cprdnewberg.org
Mark Martin/Recreation Supervisor - mmartin@cprdnewberg.org
Mike Garrity/Sports Coordinator - mgarrity@cprdnewberg.org
Sarah Craft/Recreation Specialist - recreation@cprdnewberg.org
Tara Franks/Aquatic Coordinator - tfranks@cprdnewberg.org
Branden Thompson/Golf Supervisor - bthompson@pga.com
Kathy Wood/Registration - registration@cprdnewberg.org
Mathew Comp;ton/Senior Specialist - seniorc@cprdnewberg.org
Q: Why does the price change one week prior to the start of the recreation classes?
A: The recreation department has initiated a reduced fee (early registration), this fee is good until one week prior to the beginning of the first class. Then the fee changes as a late fee is added, this fee is called regular registration. This process is to encourage timely registration which insures the instructor one week prior to the class starting that the minimum enrollment is met.
Q: How do I initially register for any of the Day Care program?
A: Emergency information forms and one time school year registration fee must be completed in person at the Aquatic & Fitness Center.
Q: Why is it that one day the registration fee is one cost and the following day shows a cost increase?
A: Most Chehalem Park & Recreation activities offer an early registration discount fee, usually upto 7 days prior to the activity, after which time the normal activity fee is applied.
Q: Why are there two fee structers in Power Tumbling?
A: When you see two fee structers offered, and one of them says Part time, then you know that the program is offered one day or two days a week. Part time = one day per week particiation.
Q: What do the letters in front of the Activity descriptions represent.
A: The letters preseading the Activity descriptions are a quick reference to the Activity catagories:
AQ = Aquatics & Fitness activities
AS = Adult Sports
CC = Community School
DC = Day Care programs
FA = CPRD Facilities
GC = Chehalem Glenn Golf Course
PA = CPRD Parks
RE = Recreation activities
YS = Youth Sports
Q: What is the Chehalem Park & Recreation District refund policy?
A: Requests must be submitted in writing(forms available upon request) the refund process begins the day the written request is received by CPRD.
Transfer Policy
? Transfers requested before the registration deadline may be done at the registration desk at no charge.
? Transfers requested after the registration deadline must be approved by the appropriate coordinator or supervisor and a $5 processing fee will be charged.

Refund Policy
? If the District or an instructor cancels a class, league, activity, camp, or event, a full refund/credit will be issued within 30 days. Refunds for registrations made by credit card will be refunded to the same credit card.
? All refund requests must be submitted in writing and will be processed within 30 days. Refund request forms are available at the reception desk. The refund process begins the day the written request is received by Chehalem Park and Recreation District.
? If a customer withdraws from a class before the registration deadline a refund/credit will be given. The refund/credit amount will be determined by the appropriate coordinator or supervisor. A minimum $5 processing fee will be withheld.
? A partial refund may be given when the written request is submitted, after the registration deadline, or after the class has begun, or drops the class below minimum enrollment
? No refunds/credit will be given after the class, league, activity, camp, or event has been completed.