• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: How do I establish an online account?
A: All persons who plan to register for a Chicago Park District program must first have an established account. From the registration home page, click on "create an account" to provide the necessary information, including contact information, an email address and a password. After account information is provided, an email confirmation will be sent. Transactions cannot be initiated until an account is confirmed. An account set up online will be valid for both online and in-person transactions.

This is how you create an online registration account:

1) Click on the Request Account button.

2) Fill out the form for New Account Request completely, including all required fields,(Birth date, Gender, Email Address, etc.) and click submit. Please submit your request only once.

*Please Note: If you are registering a child for an activity, please use your own information when filling out the online registration account request form, NOT the information of the child you wish to register for an activity. Once you have an online registration account, you will have the opportunity to add family members.

3) You will automatically receive an email after submitting your request for an account. Your account will be activated only after you have responded by clicking on the link provided in the email.
Q: How do I change my Date of Birth or Address?
A: Because enrollment eligibility and fees depend on these pieces of information, any changes needed for Date of Birth or Address must be made at your local park by a staff member and the change must be verified. Acceptable forms of ID for verification include: State ID, Birth Certificate, Utility Bill.
Q: How many accounts should each family have?
A: Each family should establish an account in the name of the head of household (any adult in the household/family primarily responsible for payments), followed by adding accounts for all family members that plan to register for activities.
Q: How do I add family members to my account?
A: You may add family members in the three following locations:

1) You may add a family member while submitting your head of household account information, by clicking on the "Create Account and Add Family Member" link.

2) You may add a family member under My Account, click the link "Change Information About Family Members."

3) You may also add family member during the enrollment process. This is done by clicking on the link "Add Family Member" which is located beside the Participant box.
Q: What should I do if I forget my password?
A: When you are prompted to sign in, click on the "Forgotten" link*. You will be prompted to provide your email address and a new password will be emailed to that address. Once receiving your new Password and you sign in, you will be prompted to change your password.
*Please DO NOT create another Customer Account. This will prevent you from maintaining your account details and order history.
Q: Can I view activities without registering for an account or logging into my account?
A: YES, you can always browse through the activities without registering for an account or logging into an established account. Click View Activities button from the registration home page. Logging into your account is required to add an activity to your waitlist or register for an activity.
Q: How do I register online for an activity?
A: Once your account has been established, registration for activities is easy:

1) Click the Activities button on the registration home page.

2) Select the activity that you would like to enroll into. Clicking the name will show you a detailed activity description.

3) Click the "Add to My Cart" button* if you wish to register for the activity. *If this button is not available, the selected activity is not available for online registration.

4) Next, sign in to your online registration account by entering your Login Name information and Password. Proceed to checkout by clicking the Next button. From this screen you may remove activities from your cart or view more activities and add them to your cart. If more than one family member will be attending the activity, click on the button labeled, Add Another One (located under the Shopping Cart screen).

5) Confirm your activity name, date and time, enrollee and price.

6) Review and click the check box to acknowledge our participation waiver.

7) Click Next to proceed with payment. Enter your credit card information on the Payment Information Page. This system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The name and address provided upon checkout must match those that are on file with your credit company. If the address shown is not your credit card billing address, click on the My Account button and change your residential address to match your credit card billing address. After entering your payment information, click Next to complete your registration - your card will be charged at this time.

7) When you receive the Thank You completion message, click the button to view and print your full reciept. Please keep a copy of your receipt for your records.

View screen shots of this process by going here:

View screen shots showing how to register for a program from a wish list by going here:
Q: Can I register for an activity on a mobile device?
A: Yes! Our redesigned registration portal is optimized for mobile devices.
Q: What will happen if I try to register for an activity that is full?
A: You may choose to have your name placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted in the event that a space opens for that activity or additional activities are added. If we are unable to contact you, your space will be given to the next customer on the waiting list.

If you do not want to be placed on the waiting list, click the Remove button that appears on the Shopping Cart screen.

PLEASE NOTE: Placement on a waiting list does not guarantee a spot in the activity. It is recommended for guaranteed participation, please choose another activity with registration space.
Q: What is a processing fee?
A: A Processing Fee is is a small charge associated with processing online payments. The charge is based on the transaction subtotal amount, but will not exceed $2.00 per order.
Q: How can I view a schedule of my family's upcoming scheduled activities?
A: The My Account feature allows you to view a weekly schedule of your family's upcoming activities.

Sign into your account and click on the My Account link. Then click on the Show Your Daily Schedule link. Highlight the family members whose schedules you would like to view and click on the top arrow button and move each family member over to the Selected Family Members column. Click on Search to proceed. A weekly schedule will display all of the activities your family members have been enrolled in and allow you to click on the activity for more information.
Q: Can I view my transaction history and print out my past receipts online?
A: You can view your transaction history and print your receipts online, once your online account has been established. To access this information, please click on the My Account link (located at the top right-hand corner of your screen).

To view prior transactions, you may click on the Get a List of Prior Transactions link.

To view past receipts, you may click on the Get a List of Prior Payments link, (click on the receipt number to view and print each individual receipt).