• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: What is Bedford Recreation's cancellation policy?
A: Bedford Recreation requires at least five business day's notice to cancel a program. The refund is 90% of the fee. With less than five business day's notice, there is no refund. Please email or call the office to cancel a program. [Exceptions will be published in the brochure for the program. For example, travel soccer has its own cancellation deadline.]
Q: Do I have to pay if I, or my child, go on a waitlist?
A: No, there is no payment needed until you are off the waitlist and registered in a program.
Q: If I, or my child, is on a waitlist, how do I find out if a spot opens up?
A: Bedford Recreation will email the address in our system and offer you, your child, the spot and usually include further information. You can always call or email to find out where you, your child, is on the waitlist.
Q: How do I find out if tennis with Kyle (KA Tennis) is cancelled due to weather?
A: Call the KA Tennis Weather line for a recorded message: 781-275-7907
Q: How do I find out if a program is cancelled for some reason?
A: Our primary method of communication is through email so be sure you have your current email address on your profile. And be sure your child's profile has the parent's current email address on his/her profile as well.