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PCSAP 19/20 - Fuguitt Elementary
PriceSchool Age Plan Fee: $65.00, beginning Aug 19, 2019
3 Day Plan Fee: $49.00
ELC: $0.00
AgesAt least 3 but less than 13
DepartmentSchool Age - 07
School Age Programs/Camp CategoryChild Care/School Age
School Age/Camp Secondary CategorySchool Age Participant
Registration dates Standard registration - Apr 9, 2019
By Internet - Apr 9, 2019
SeasonFall 2019

Open for registration
SessionFuguitt 19/20 - School Age Plan
DescriptionOur School Age Plan includes 42 weeks of before & after care, all half days, in-service days, all school holiday breaks, and up to four (4) vacation weeks per child per school year as outlined in the NEW vacation policy.

More information regarding the NEW vacation policy is available in the description below.

If you have any questions regarding this plan, please contact your child's Youth Development Director or call 727-467-9622.
DatesFrom August 14, 2019 to May 29, 2020
Times6:30am to 6pm
FacilityFuguitt Elementary

Open for registration
SessionFuguitt 19/20 - Three (3) Day Plan
DescriptionThe Three (3) Day Plan gives you the option of attending our school age program for any 3 days per week. It includes the same benefits as the School Age Plan, up to 3 days per week. Please note: If you need more than 3 days in a given week, an additional fee of $16.00 will be added to your draft following an attendance audit as outlined in the NEW, updated payment policy agreement.

More information regarding the NEW vacation policy is available in the description below.

For more information regarding our 3 day plan, please contact your child's Youth Development Director or call 727-467-9622.
DatesFrom August 14, 2019 to May 29, 2020
Times6:30am to 6pm
FacilityFuguitt Elementary

The Y's before and after school child care programs are provided for children (pre-k through eighth grade) during the hours when there may be no supervision in the home. The program is conducted by trained YMCA staff that serve as positive role models. Our staff will engage with your children in healthy activities that focus on the values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

***NEW FOR 2019/2020 SCHOOL YEAR***

Save yourself time by enrolling online! No need to fill out paper packets!
Registration is now online. Parents will be asked to review and sign the licensing paperwork at the site on their child's first day. Please allow extra time on your child's first day to sign these required forms. PLEASE NOTE: In order to ensure the correct licensing forms and information are at the site on your child's first day, ALL CHILDREN MUST BE ENROLLED ONLINE PRIOR TO ATTENDANCE. Children will not be able to attend programing until the online registration is complete, and registration forms will no longer be accepted on the first day of attendance.

No more needing to know if you will need holiday break weeks or not when you register. There are now two (2) plans to choose from, each giving you the weeks you need care and flexibility to choose your break weeks. Do you only need a couple days of care weekly? No worries! We still offer our 3-Day Plan!

Beginning with the 2019/2020 school year, parents now have the flexibility to choose which weeks they use their vacation! Whether you choose to use them during school holidays (Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break) or other weeks that you need to take a break, it's your choice! Participants receive up to 4 weeks** a year to use as needed per the vacation week policy.

-ALL school age participants are required to pay an Annual Registration Fee of $25 for an individual child or $40 for two or more siblings. The Annual Registration fee will be added after registration is received and processed via EFT. This fee entitles your child(ren) to complimentary access to our branch facilities.
-All School Age Program fees are scheduled to be paid by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).
-EFT will process "Every Friday" just after midnight. Your first EFT processing is based on your child's start date in the program.
-All weekly fees are required to be paid if your child attends or not, except under the vacation policy.

YMCAs are charitable organizations here to serve people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes. The YMCA is community-based and believes that its programs and services should be available to everyone. Financial assistance is offered on a sliding fee scale designed to fit each individual's financial situation. We promise that everyone who qualifies will receive assistance to the greatest extent possible based on the availability of funds. Contact 727-467-9622 for more information.

*Vacation weeks apply to eligible plans. Grant and subsidy recipients must adhere to the requirements of the grant or subsidy to which they receive.
**Up to 4 weeks of vacation is dependent on enrollment date. Two (2) weeks to be used prior to January 1 2020, and two (2) weeks to be used after January 1, 2020. Participants may receive no more than 4 weeks total in the given year, including reenrollment.

For more information regarding this or any other school age program, or questions regarding financial assistance, contact 727-467-9622.

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