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GPH - 2021 Private Speed Agility Sessions
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Meeting Dates From January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021
Each Sunday from 11am to 5pm
Each Monday from 5am to 9pm
Each Tuesday from 5am to 9pm
Each Wednesday from 5am to 9pm
Each Thursday from 5am to 9pm
Each Friday from 5am to 9pm
Each Saturday from 7am to 5pm
  Except the following dates:
    Saturday,December 25, 2021
This class/activity has already started.
Price Member: $30.00
Non-member: $45.00
Status Unlimited openings
Ages At least 10 but less than 105
Gender Coed
More Details
Type Private Lesson
Department Youth Programs - 03
Class/Activity Category Adult Health, Wellness & Exercise
Age Category Families - All Ages
Class/Activity # 23691
Instructor Esperanza MacMillan
Kevin Norris
Virginia Lisle
Briana Kennedy
Kathy O'Leary
Juan Ampudia Cosme
Carri Bell
Katie L Szymanski
Jessica N Fisher
Mitchell Parham
Ken Perryman
Claire Ullery
Derrick Steele
Chelsea Mansfield
James Head
Anthony Seguin
John Gibson
Alex McGowan
Clayton Roessler
Eric Rau
Justin Kittel
George Stenes
Bill Coyle
Diane Harsh
Tracy Joyner
Laura Van Fleet
John Diaz
Beth Rosamond
Heriberto Acevedo
George Woldseth
Lisa Feldt
Tara Galante
Kristin Ficco
Ava Callaway
Kerry Huot
Jonathan Rivera
YMCA Basketball Instructor
Sessions 364
Season On-Going Classes 2021


Private Speed and Agility Sessions BIO Description:

The goal of this Speed & Agility program is to teach youth participants skills including proper running mechanics, plyometric skills and movement efficiency that will help them excel in their respective sport(s).

Participants will improve speed, quickness and reactive skills, as well as body control, to both assist in injury prevention and aid in proper movement patterning. Participants will go through initial testing and evaluation, work on acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction drills, and perform plyometric and agility drills.

What Do I Need:

Participants must have closed toed shoes, and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

For more information, please feel free to contact our branch at 727-787-9622 or email KBryan@suncoastymca.org.