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Thank you for choosing to reserve a pavilion in one of our beautiful Parks!

We will begin taking reservations for the current year on the 1st business day of January.

The following pavilions can be reserved from April 1st - October 31st (all others are first come, first serve):
  • Freedlander
    • Birthday House Pavilion
    • Dave Houser Pavilion
    • Pavilion #1
    • Pond Gazebo
  • Christmas Run
    • Pavilion #1E
    • Pavilion #1W
      • Serving Area (rentable ONLY with #1E and/or #1W)
    • Pavilion #2
    • Pavilion #3
    • Garcy Aten Pavilion
    • Finn Pavilion
  • Cohan
  • Jaycee
  • Knights Field
  • Oak Hill
  • Schellin
  • Wooster Memorial
Before you continue, please note that reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE and by reserving a pavilion online you will be charged a minimal online convenience fee of (4.6% + $.50).
This fee is based on ActiveNet rates and fees charged to use credit card transactions online in their system.
Example = a pavilion that costs $55 to reserve in-person will assess a $3.03 fee when reserved online. Total cost to you to reserve online is $58.03.

    • Quick Reserve
    • Make a Quick Reservation
      The Quick Reserve program is available for select facilities. Your permit is confirmation of your request.