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Enroll Now! To enroll or view upcoming classes, click on the "Enroll Now!" link. IF YOU ARE A CURRENT STUDENT YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT. For Fall and Spring registration you must first purchase a Family or Individual Registration by paying the appropriate registration fee in a separate initial transaction. Registration fees are not applicable or necessary for Summer registration. After that you can proceed to do a keyword search for the class of your choice and add it to your cart. If you do not have an account you must create one upon registration. To select days and times for private lessons, first select your lesson duration and payment option and then click on - Add to my Cart. You can then proceed to select your instructor and add your day and time preferences that will be confirmed once enrollment is submitted.
Registration Fees! To purchase either an individual or family registration you will need to obtain a username and password and then click on "Registration Fees!". From here you select the registration fee you want to purchase. If it is an individual registration you must assign it to the student enrolling in either a private lesson or group class. Family registrations cover all family members within your group.