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ANNUAL STICKERS: Please note that only one sticker or sticker package can be applied to each family member annually. If you wish to order multiple of either, you'll have to add family members accordingly. License plate information is critical, as cameras will read the information for entry compliance. If you are purchasing a sticker as a gift and don't know the recipient's license plate number, please consider purchasing a GIFT CARD instead and ask the recipient to purchase their sticker.

DAILY ENTRANCE PACKAGES: Daily Entrance passes can be purchased up to a year in advance, but no later than 5 days after your visit, to avoid a park entrance violation ticket. Entrance passes are not refundable if unused. Each package option can be purchased every 48 hours per family member. You will be asked for the date of your visit within the purchase, and this is what will be used for compliance validation. The expiration date you see assigned to the purchase is irrelevant. If visiting more than 5x, please consider purchasing an Annual Sticker for better value.

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