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Please ensure that you are signing up the correct family member for the activity. If the transaction presents the non-member fees only, the family member will need to sign up for a membership at the recreation center.

If the family member looking to sign up is not listed you will need to add them.

Please click on Account Settings in the upper right hand corner and select Add/Manage Family Members.

All children, including those under the age of 15, must be added to the membership. You will not be billed for children under the age of 15 until the month they turn 15 years old.

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NameFirst Meeting or
Date Description
OpeningsDurationTimeFee and Action
 Quick View03/07/20 - 03/08/206$90.00

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 Quick View02/01/2054 hours9am - 1pm$35.00

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 Quick View03/15/2084 hours9am - 1pm$35.00

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 Quick View02/28/20 - 03/01/2012$100.00

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 Quick View9/28/19-9/29/1910$100.00

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 Quick View03/22/20148 hours9am - 5pm$30.00

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 Quick View02/09/20118 hours9am - 5pm$30.00

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 Quick View02/07/20344 hours9pm - 1amFree

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 Quick ViewApril 25, 2020
Saturday from 9am to 5pm
148 hours9am - 5pm$35.00

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 Quick View03/28/207$35.00

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 Quick View04/05/20 - 04/10/2010$175.00

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 Quick View4/5/19 - 4/10/199$150.00

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 Quick ViewFrom March 28, 2020 to March 29, 2020
Each Sunday from 8am to 6pm
Each Saturday from 8am to 6pm
2610 hours8am - 6pm$260.00

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