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Roll Out & Renew, A Self Massage/Care Workshop S2
PriceWorkshop Single Day Fee - Feb 23rd: $45.00
Workshop Single Day Fee - Feb 24th: $45.00
Workshop Session Fee - Feb 23rd: $40.00
Workshop Session Fee - Feb 24th: $40.00
AgesAt least 18 but less than 80y 11m 4w
DepartmentContract Classes
FlexReg Primary CategoryMind & Body
FlexReg Secondary CategoryAdult
Registration dates Standard registration - Aug 15, 2018
By Internet - Aug 15, 2018
SeasonFall/Winter 2018-19

SessionRoll Out & Renew | Feb 23rd '19
DescriptionRoll Out & Renew, A Self-Massage/Self-Care Workshop
DatesFrom February 23, 2019 to February 23, 2019
Times2:30pm to 5pm

SessionRoll Out & Renew | Feb 24th '19
DescriptionRoll Out & Renew, A Self-Massage/Self-Care Workshop
DatesFrom February 24, 2019 to February 24, 2019
Times2:30pm to 5pm

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Roll Out & Renew, A Self-Massage/Self-Care Workshop
Location: Community Recreation Center
Age: 16+
S2: February 23rd & 24th ? 3-6pm
Early Bird Rates: $60 for both days, $35 single day
(must register one week in advance)
Regular Pricing: $80 for both days, $45 single day

Description: In this fast-paced, high-stress culture we live in, when information, expectation, and responsibility is running high, we often find ourselves anxious, overwhelmed, & fatigued. And for many of us, add a very active lifestyle here in the mountains and we find our bodies sore, tired, and often in pain. Does this sound like you? If so, this two-day workshop is FOR YOU! Each day can stand alone but come to both to address the entire body and save money!

Day One: We will address the lower half of the body including feet, calves, hamstrings, IT Band, glutes, and hips/hip flexors.
Day Two: We will address the upper half including low back, psoas, upper back, rotator cuff, shoulders, pecs (chest), and neck.

In this workshop we will address not only the chronic tension in our bodies, but the tension that builds in our minds and hearts as we strive to meet the demands of our very full lives. The bulk of this class will cover self-massage techniques through the use of various balls, blocks and props so that you have simple, affordable, easy-to-use tools at home to help relieve accumulated tension in the body. We will also work directly with the Nervous System which dictates the tension through the various layers of our being; mind, body, heart. There will be some basic and brief discussion to empower you with the knowledge of how your nervous system works as well as learning simple tools to help "unwind" or "down regulate" the stress response, aka "fight or flight" response, that keeps us stuck in these holding patterns of tension.

Not only will you leave this workshop feeling relaxed, relieved and rejuvenated, you will also leave empowered with the tools to mitigate the effects of chronic stress and tension in your own daily life. Suitable for EVERY BODY.
Please bring a yoga mat and a large beach towel to class with you