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CE Private Lessons - 60 Min
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Location Lessons will be held online
Price Standard charge: $125.00
Status Unlimited openings
Ages 18 and up
Gender Coed
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Type Private Lessons
Department Continuing Education - PL
Department List Continuing Ed. - Private Lessons
Course Category Private Lessons
Course # 4268
Prerequisites Spring 2021 Semester Building Access
Private Lesson basic
Faculty Instructor As Assigned
Supervisor Keelin Davis
Session --
Academic Year 2020/2021 Continuing Education
Semester 2020/2021 Continuing Education: CE Spring Semester

One-on-one private instruction. Please be sure to register for the course with the agreed upon number of lessons. Minimum registration of 5 lessons required, up to 15 lessons for semester.

The cost will be calculated upon the number of lessons you select. Please be sure to agree upon a lesson number with your teacher prior to registration for the semester.