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Scottsdale Activity Pass

A variety of memberships and passes are available, including 10 and 30 visit passes to pools and monthly, 3 month and annual memberships to Club Sar and our fitness facilities at Granite Reef and Via Linda. Family swim passes are available annually.

Tips for a successful search:

  • Enter part of the membership title in the search field.
  • Use the Location filters section (left side) to help narrow your search for valid for use for the specified service at the location.

How do I use my Recreation Activity Pass?

Passes and Memberships are loaded on to the Recreation Activity Pass and are scanned at recreation facilities to validate use. You will obtain a card, after your initial purchase when you visit a recreation facility to redeem.

How do I renew a Membership Package?

If you have an active pass that is not expired or has remaining uses on it that you wish to renew, please sign in to My Account first and return to the Memberships page. Your Current Memberships will be listed below and a Renew button will be available. If your current pass is expired or has no remaining uses or renewal periods, search for the pass you wish to purchase below and add to cart.

You can purchase new 10 and 30 visit pool passes once your current pass is down to 0 visits. You can check the status of your passes under your account, under Memberships and Usage.

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