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Pool Space reservations for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday open for registration each Tuesday at 12PM.

Pool Space reservations for Monday through Thursday- open each Thursday at 12PM.

Water Aerobics classes for the following week Monday through Saturday open for registration each Thursday at 10AM.

PLEASE NOTE: "add to wishlist" saves an activity to your account wish list in preparation for registrations opening-- This does not begin a registration process or enroll to the waiting list for an already full activity.

To proceed with registration or wait-list for an activity that has been added to your wish list, the actions to enroll ('add to cart' if spaces are available) or add to waiting list (if spaces are currently full) are found on wish list page-- link in upper right next to 'my account' or 'manage wish list' from home account options screen.

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NameDay(s)First Meeting or
Date Description
5/14 Fri. Warm Water Pool reservation
FriMay 14, 20216am - 7:45pm12More (2)
5/14 Fri. Lap Swim- lane reservation
FriMay 14, 20216am - 7:45pm98More (2)
 Quick ViewFriMay 14, 202112pm - 12:45pmWaiting List+ Wish List
5/15 Sat. Lap Swim- lane reservation
SatMay 15, 20219am - 4:45pm58More (2)
 Quick ViewSatMay 15, 20219am - 9:45amWaiting List+ Wish List
5/15 Sat. Warm Water Pool reservation
SatMay 15, 20219am - 4:45pm1More (2)
5/16 Sun. Lap Swim- lane reservation
SunMay 16, 20219am - 4:45pm40More (2)
5/16 Sun. Warm Water Pool reservation
SunMay 16, 20219am - 4:45pmWaiting ListMore (2)
5/17 Mon. Lap Swim- lane reservation
MonMay 17, 20216am - 7:45pm111More (2)
5/17 Mon. Warm Water Pool reservation
MonMay 17, 20216am - 7:45pm1More (2)
 Quick ViewMonMay 17, 202112pm - 12:45pmWaiting List+ Wish List
5/18 Tues. Lap Swim- lane reservation
TueMay 18, 20216am - 7:45pm144More (2)
5/18 Tues. Warm Water Pool reservation
TueMay 18, 20216am - 7:45pm4More (2)
 Quick ViewTueMay 18, 202112pm - 12:45pmWaiting List+ Wish List
5/19 Wed. Lap Swim- lane reservation
WedMay 19, 20216am - 7:45pm130More (2)
5/19 Wed. Warm Water Pool reservation
WedMay 19, 20216am - 7:45pm6More (2)
 Quick ViewWedMay 19, 202112pm - 12:45pmWaiting List+ Wish List
5/20 Thurs. Lap Swim- lane reservation
ThuMay 20, 20216am - 7:45pm140More (2)
5/20 Thurs. Warm Water Pool reservation
ThuMay 20, 20216am - 7:45pm9More (2)
 Quick ViewThuMay 20, 202112pm - 12:45pmWaiting List+ Wish List
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