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RAC Membership Package Description Category Standard Fee Action
Personal Training (1hr) 1 session Quick Viewone hour/ one sessionRAC Fitness Center$45.00Add to Cart
Personal Training (1hr) 10 sessions Quick View1hr- 10 sessionsRAC Fitness Center$405.00Add to Cart
Personal Training (1hr) 20 sessions Quick View1 hour/ 20 sessionsRAC Fitness Center$720.00Add to Cart
Personal Training (1hr) 5 sessions Quick Viewone hour/ 5 sessionsRAC Fitness Center$215.00Add to Cart
Personal Training (30 minutes) 1 session Quick View30 minute trainingRAC Fitness Center$25.00Add to Cart
Personal Training (30 minutes) 10 sessions Quick ViewTen, 30 minute sessionsRAC Fitness Center$225.00Add to Cart
Personal Training (30 minutes) 20 sessions Quick ViewPersonal TrainingRAC Fitness Center$400.00Add to Cart
Personal Training (30 minutes) 5 session Quick View5 sessionsRAC Fitness Center$119.00Add to Cart
RAC: 7 Day FREE trial Quick View7 Day Free Trial for NEW patronsRAC Fitness Center$0.00Add to Cart
Veteran Group Home Quick ViewUnlimited access for 365 daysRAC Fitness Center$0.00Add to Cart
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