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Description Each year we aim to raise $100,000 to cover our budget shortfall. With each student giving an extra $25 a month - or a one time donation of $300 - we can easily achieve our goal. Our needs are modest, but tuition costs do not cover our operating expenses. Open access to the the gift of Philosophy is a core principle, and cost should not be a hurdle to wisdom. So we strike a balance in our tuition pricing and rely on the generosity of the student body to offer a little more to make up the difference. Contributions are essential to the yearly operation of the School. Your donations go directly to goods and services like food, flowers, utilities, building maintenance and more that we enjoy each time we enter the building. Since we are a not-for-profit, volunteer organization there are no salaries and no excessive overhead. We do need your help to continue to provide a welcoming, uplifting and nourishing experience. For less than most spend on many other staples of life you can make a contribution that has a timeless impact for yourself and the rest of the community. Donation Instructions: 1. Check the amount $25, $300 or other 2. REMEMBER TO CHECK RECURRING PAYMENT FOR $25 MONTHLY DONATION. 3. Select MONTHLY from the drop down menu for recurring payments. 4. Select duration and enter 12 (12 total payments)
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