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Music - Bass
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Meeting Dates CMC - Lobby at Community Music Center--
Location CMC - Lobby at Community Music Center
Status Unlimited openings
Ages At least 9 but less than 19
Gender Coed
More Details
Type Private Lessons
Department Community Music Center/Music
Activity Category Music
Age Group 4. Youth (6yrs - 14yrs)
Activity # 1114318
Registration Dates Standard registration opens: Aug 13, 2019
Last day for standard registration: Apr 1, 2020
Internet registration opens: Aug 13, 2019
Last day for Internet registration: Apr 1, 2020
Instructor Unspecified TBA
Supervisor Gregory Dubay
Session --
Season School Year 2019-20


Thrive with individual instruction. Build the skills & abilities needed to enjoy music as a participant, gaining self-confidence and developing self-expression.

Beginners start with 30 minute lessons; advanced students (after a few years of study) move to 45 minute lessons; 60 minute lessons are provided in special cases. Traditional instructional methods are used. Daily individual practice between classes is a required part of successful music instruction.

Lessons are weekly at the same day and time through the school year. There are a maximum of 31 lessons in the school year; the exact number varies by day of the week and when you start. Lessons are scheduled at a mutually agreeable day and time, as verbally confirmed between CMC staff and student/parent. School year lessons occur at the same day and time each week (except for CMC holiday closures, winter & spring break), starting September 30th and running through early June.

Fees vary from $28 to $52 per lesson (City of Portland residents), depending on lesson length. Fees are higher for non-residents (ask about a non-resident pass). Need-based scholarships are available - apply at the CMC office.

Resident Fees:
30 Minutes: $28 ea - up to $868 for school year
45 Minutes: $40 ea - up to $1240 for school year
60 Minutes: $52 ea - up to $1612 for school year
Payment plans and scholarship assistance are available (default is monthly). Your instructor may require materials not included in registration fee.

CMC requires private lesson students to participate in a concurrent enrichment class at CMC, such as Music Skills, Choir, Orchestra, Piano, or Chamber Music, or apply for an exemption if taking similar classes elsewhere. Separate fees and special requirements apply for CMC's enrichment classes - see our catalog at www.communitymusiccenter.org, or contact CMC for details.

Instrument rentals may be available - indicate your need for an instrument at the time of pre-registration or fill out our rental form at http://www.communitymusiccenter.org/newcmc/classes.lessons/default.htm

How to register for private lessons at CMC:

Use this activity to indicate interest in lessons at CMC. Based on the answers you give during the application process, we match you with the best-fitting instructor (subject to available openings) and contact you with the day and time or your lesson.

Enrollment begins in August. We take applications for students new to CMC through the school year until April (although the best time to start is in the fall) and may require an in-person appointment to assist with successful placement and launch of private lessons.

Once you agree to the lesson schedule we enroll you and set up a payment plan on your account which you are then responsible for paying on schedule. You can apply in person at CMC using our printed form at our site and downloadable from www.communitymusiccenter.org.

It is important that you read the full information on private lessons, contained in the material at http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/article/467894, or obtained on-site at the Community Music Center. You will be asked to certify that you have done so when you pre-register.

If applying online, DO NOT change your registration form answers online later; instead, call CMC to make changes. Online application puts a balance due for 31 lessons scheduled to be paid on your credit card, with the amount dependent on the lesson length you select. Don't worry, we change the fee if needed to the correct amount when we confirm lesson with you.
Please call CMC at 503-823-3177 if you have questions about enrolling for private lessons.

You are not enrolled in lessons until you get a lesson day and time from CMC staff (typically mid-September or later) and which you then confirm with us. Once lessons are confirmed by you, you are responsible for payment and attendance.

DEADLINE for returning students to apply and receive continuing-student status for lesson scheduling and instructor placement: Tuesday, August 27, 2019.