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Membership Information
  • There are 2 pool membership categories: Village residents and Non-Village residents.
  • Village residents are those who live within the Village limits(receive Village utility bills for water/sewer/trash)
  • Village residents must present a Village of Plain City Water Bill as proof of residency at the beginning of each season in order to retain status and receive the resident rate.
  • Definition of a Household = those living in the same home year round.
  • Households larger than 8 must purchase memberships at the Aquatic Center.
  • If fraudulent registration is found, the pool membership will be immediately revoked with no refund given.
To purchase Membership:
  1. In the box on the LEFT, under Filter By Category, Click on your type of Residency: Village or Non-Village
  2. ADD TO CART your choice of membership, based on total living in your Household- DO NOT COUNT in your Household total children under 2 yrs of age.
  3. You will be the Primary Member.
  4. Please add all other family members' information when prompted. Every person must be added onto the membership in order to have access to the Aquatic Center. Children younger than 2 yrs. do not need to register.
  5. Please keep your scan cards from year to year.
  6. Cards may be picked up from the Aquatic Center once the pool opens for the season. New members- scan cards are free.
  7. You must have a scan card to enter the pool- no exceptions. If you have lost your scan cards, $1 per card replacement fee.
  8. Any questions, please call the pool at 614-873-3527 ext. 108. if you do not receive a response within 24 hrs, please call 614-873-3527 ext. 110.
Thank You and Enjoy the Aquatic Center!

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Name Description Category Standard Price Action
Household of Eight - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$405.00Add to Cart
Household of Five - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$330.00Add to Cart
Household of Four - Non-Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$280.00Add to Cart
Household of Nine - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$430.00Add to Cart
Household of Seven - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$380.00Add to Cart
Household of Six - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$355.00Add to Cart
Household of Three - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$230.00Add to Cart
Household of Two - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$185.00Add to Cart
Individual - Non Village Resident Quick ViewNon-Village Resident$135.00Add to Cart
Senior Household of Two - Non Village Resident Quick ViewAges 55+ outside Village limits$100.00Add to Cart
Senior Non Village Resident Quick ViewAge 55+ living outside Village limits$75.00Add to Cart
Senior Household of Two - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident- 2 Seniors in Household$70.00Add to Cart
Senior Resident Quick ViewAges 55 and up$50.00Add to Cart
Household of Eight - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident$265.00Add to Cart
Household of Five - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident$205.00Add to Cart
Household of Four - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident$180.00Add to Cart
Household of Seven - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident$245.00Add to Cart
Household of Six - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident$225.00Add to Cart
Household of Three - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident$155.00Add to Cart
Household of Two - Resident Quick ViewVillage Resident$135.00Add to Cart
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