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Bounce HouseRutledge-Wilson Community Farm Park
Equestrian FacilityValley Water Mill Equestrian Center
Garden/Green SpaceSpringfield-Greene County Botanical Center
GymChesterfield Family Center
GymDoling Family Center
GymDan Kinney Family Center
GymO'Reilly-Tefft Gymnasium
HorseValley Water Mill Equestrian Center
Ice RinkMediacom Ice Park
Outdoor PoolsFassnight Park
Outdoor PoolsGrant Beach Park
Outdoor PoolsChesterfield Family Center
Pavilion/ParkSpringfield-Greene County Botanical Center
Pavilion/ParkChesterfield Family Center
Pavilion/ParkDan Kinney Park
Pavilion/ParkFassnight Park
Pavilion/ParkGrant Beach Park
Pavilion/ParkLafayette Park
Pavilion/ParkLiving Memorial Park
Pavilion/ParkLake Springfield Boathouse
Pavilion/ParkNichols Park
Pavilion/ParkPhelps Grove Park
Pavilion/ParkRitter Springs Park
Pavilion/ParkSac River Mountain Bike Trail
Pavilion/ParkSequiota Park
Pavilion/ParkSilver Springs Park
Pavilion/ParkSmith Park
Pavilion/ParkWestport Park
PoolDoling Family Center
RoomSpringfield-Greene County Botanical Center
RoomChesterfield Family Center
RoomCooper Tennis Complex
RoomDoling Family Center
RoomDan Kinney Family Center
RoomKillian Sports Complex
RoomLake Springfield Boathouse
RoomMediacom Ice Park
RoomNorthview Center
RoomTom Watkins Center
RoomRutledge-Wilson Community Farm Park
RoomSpringfield Skatepark
RoomValley Water Mill Equestrian Center
Sports FieldCooper Sports Complex
Sports FieldJames Ewing Sports Complex
Sports FieldFassnight Softball Field
Sports FieldKillian Sports Complex
Sports FieldMeador Sports Complex
Tennis CourtCooper Tennis Complex
Tennis CourtGrant Beach Tennis Courts
Tennis CourtGillenwaters Tennis Complex
Tennis CourtMeador Tennis Courts
Tennis CourtPerry Tennis Courts
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