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Welcome to online facility reservation! Please note: reservations are subject to approval. You will be notified via email when your permit has been approved.

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    • Reserve Shelters/Campground
      To request facility or equipment reservation permits, first login with your username and password then search by the area, type, location, or amenity of the facility/equipment you would like to reserve. Fill in all applicable criteria that follows to complete the reservation.
    • Reserve Shelters, Availabilty
    • Make a Quick Reservation online or check availability: after we review, an approval will be sent

      To reserve a shelter for a half-day block (i.e. 11am-3pm or 4pm-8p) click one box, for all day, click both boxes. To reserve a park for a special event, or a shelter not listed, please contact our Permit Office for more details at 343-4040 or

      New: Horse Ring hourly rental at Bob & Arlene Cross park $3 per hour.

    • View Shelter, Campground
    • View Shelter, Campgrounds, Courts, Rinks
      When viewing facilities you may search by location, type, amenity, or detail.
    • View Campground Map
    • View available Campgrounds Spots at Centennial Campground
      These maps can be used to view a locations resources, show availability of the resources and book facilities or equipment as required