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Special 2021 Notice: Shelters, Picnic Groves and Group Campgrounds will be limited to the recommended group size by the State of Illinois Restore Illinois Guidelines for Covid-19 safety. If the group size you've selected at the time of booking exceeds the recommended size for the date you have booked, you will be notified and given the opportunity to modify your group size or cancel your reservation.

    • Reservations
    • Make a Reservation

      Shelter or Picnic Grove Reservation: Login with your username and password, or create a new account. Choose your event type, a brief description and the number of guests. The choose your location or the facility. It will display a list matching where you can have your event. Choose your site then put in the to check availability. If its available, continue with completing the reservation.

      You must be 18 years of age or older to make a reservation.

      Event Times:
      Event time may begin anytime after 8 AM. Events must end 1 hour before sunset.
      January 3:30 PM
      February 4:30 PM
      March 5 PM
      April 6 PM
      May 7 PM
      June-July 8 PM
      August 7 PM
      September 6 PM
      October 5 PM
      November-December 3:30 PM

    • View Facility Details
    • View Facility Details
      View facility details including location, contact information, availability and hours of operations.
    • Reserve a Campsite
    • Group Camping and Thomas Woods Reservations

      View availability for Thomas Woods or one of our group camping sites. Enter your start date, the number of nights you want to camp, the number of people in your group and click check availability. If the icon is green, that means its available. Simply click on it to make the reservation. Be sure to check your start date, number of nights and end date before finishing.

      You must be 18 years of age or older to make a reservation.

      ***Thomas Woods***
      Camping reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of the weekend you plan to camp. Sites are available first come, first served.