• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: How do I create an account?
A: Creating an Account is fast and simple. All you need is a current e-mail address to register with us.
1) In the top right corner of our site, click on the "My Account" button.
2) When it asks for your account ID and password, click on the "Request Account" button
3) You will be taken to the Account Request form. Please fill it out COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an adult planning to enroll your child in an activity, fill out the account information for YOURSELF. You will be given an opportunity later to provide the information for the child you plan on registering into the activity.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be asked to provide a Secret Question and Secret Answer. Make sure you provide a question that only you have the answer to. If other people are able to guess the answer to your question, they can gain access to your account.

4) Click the "Submit" button after you have completely filled out the form.
5) You will immediately be sent a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you provided. The e-mail will contain your login name and login password.
DO NOT FORGET your login name or password. You will need this information each time you access your account online.
Q: I don't have an e-mail address. How do I get one?
A: There are many free e-mail services available on the Internet. Two of the most popular are Yahoo Mail or Microsoft's Hotmail. However, there are countless free e-mail services available for you to use.

1) Visit either http://mail.yahoo.com, http://www.hotmail.com, or a web site with similar services.
2) Click on the "Sign Up" button.
3) Provide the necessary information to create a new e-mail account.
4) Remember the name of the account you create and the password you use. You will use this to check your e-mail in the future.
5) Share your e-mail address with friends and family. Get in the habit of checking your e-mail on a regular (daily) basis.
Q: How do I add Family Members to My Account?
A: You may add as many members into your account as necessary.
1) After you receive your initial Customer ID and Password, click on the My Account button.
2) Enter your Customer ID and Password to login.
3) Select "Change Family Members".
4) Add the new family member information. Please include the correct date of birth for each person. Make sure you provide accurate registration information. Intentionally providing false information on a registration form can void your family's opportunity to register for activities.
Q: How do I register myself or a family member into an activity?
A: 1) Make sure you have already created an online account with us.
2) Click on the "Register" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
3) Browse through our Activity Catalog and choose the activity you would like to register into.
4) Once you have clicked on the Activity name, click the "Add to My Cart" button.
5) Type in the your login name (account ID) and password and click the "continue" button. If you do not have an account click the "Request Account" button.
6) Review the screen to ensure you selected the desired activity.
7) Click the "remove" button on any activity that you do not wish to register into.
8) If you are registering multiple family members into the same activity, change the quantity to the number of individuals you wish to enroll and click the "checkout" button.
9) Select the name of the family member you wish to enroll for each requested activity seat. If you do not see the family members name on the drop down menu, click "Add Family Member / Friend" to add that individuals information.
10) After the appropriate names are selected for the activity, type in any additional information you wish Los Banos Parks and Recreation Department to know about this registration.
11) Click "Continue"
12) Read the waiver of liability and click the "Continue" button if you accept the terms of the agreement.
13) Type in the credit card information that you wish to use for this transaction. Check the box indicating that you are at least 13 years of age. Click the "Continue" button to submit payment and complete your registration.
14) Please print the receipt that displays on the screen for your records.
Q: What do I need to register for an activity online?
A: All you need to register online is a current Los Banos Parks and Recreation Account and a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) to make the payment with.
Q: Do I have to register online?
A: No, of course you don't. But we sure would appreciate it. The more residents register online, the less staff time is required to handle the registration process. This will allow for lower registration prices in the future and a wider variety of activities. However, if you feel there are special circumstances or you have questions regarding registration, feel free to call us anytime at (209) 827-7034. We are open 8am-12pm and 1pm-4pm, Monday-Friday (excluding government holidays).