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Athletic Programs

Important Athletic Programs Phone Numbers

Athletic Programs (Main 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays) - 291-8362
Frank Wittenberg, Athletic Programs Supervisor - 291-8375
Bill Verret, Recreation Coordinator - 291-8368
Danny Cook, Recreation Coordinator - 291-8380

Neighborhood Youth Associations

One of the most important components of the Department's program is the role of volunteers. These dedicated people recognize that by participating in their community, they help to make it stronger. They understand that even if they do not have a direct connection with a segment of the community (a child, disabled person, etc.), by improving that segment's quality of life, theirs is improved as well. Without these hundreds of men, women and young adults, the variety of programs offered in Lafayette Parish would be much more limited. These volunteers assist with athletic teams, recreational programs, leisure activities and much more.

The seven Neighborhood Youth Associations (all volunteer-driven) are responsible for all aspects - organization, coordination and financial - of the various youth athletic programs. The rules and regulations of the Associations, while decided upon by the Associations, are approved by both the Parks and Recreation Department and the Recreation Advisory Commission.

· Brown Park Athletics (BPA); Darrell Duffy, President

· Broussard/Youngsville Youth Association (BYYA); Kayla Reaux, President

· Cajun Sports Association (CSA); Daniel Champagne, President

· Carencro Area Youth Sports, Inc. (CAYSI); Bertha Hebert Van-Dyke, President

· Scott Area Team Sports (SATS); Tony Napolitano, President

· South Lafayette Youth Sports, Inc. (SLYSI); Christopher Sellers, President

· South West Athletics (SWA); Craig Paris, President - South West Athletics Facebook

2017 Neighborhood Youth Association Annual Meetings:

· Brown Park Athletics (BPA); Monday, August 7 at 6:30pm at the Dupuis Recreation Center

· Broussard/Youngsville Youth Association (BYYA); TBD

· Cajun Sports Association (CSA); Thursday, August 3 at 6pm at the Comeaux Recreation Center

· Carencro Area Youth Sports, Inc. (CAYSI); Tuesday, August 8 at 7pm at the CAYSI Equipment Shed

· Scott Area Team Sports (SATS); TBD

· Southwest Lafayette Youth Sports, Inc. (SLYSI); Sunday, August 13 at 6pm at the Robicheaux Recreation Center

· SouthWest Athletics (SWA); TBD

Clark Field Renovations

A brand new, state of the art, artificial turf has been installed at Clark Field and new field lights. Thanks to the involvement of the Lafayette Area Kiwanis Organizations this project was possible. See images below of the new field:

Clark Field Renovations 1Clark Field Renovations 2

Clark Field Renovations 3

Youth Athletics

· 2017 Youth Athletics Calendar

· Youth Athletics Registration Form

· Youth Athletics Volunteer Coach Information

· Background Checks

Sports Information

· Baseball/Softball

· Basketball

· Football

· Tennis

· Track & Field

· Volleyball

Soccer Districts Map

Recreation Districts Map (Please enter your house number and street, without punctuations, to find your correct Youth Athletic Zone)

Lafayette Youth Soccer Association

The LYSA handles all of the Soccer duties and responsibilities inside Lafayette Parish. They are responsible for the registration, scheduling, planning and financial obligations of this program. Deanna Bostick coordinates all Soccer activities through the LYSA offices in Moore Park. For more information please visit their website:


The LRPD Tennis program is coordinated by Chris Mayer at the Beaver Park Tennis Center. For more information please contact the Beaver Park Tennis Center at 291-5564.


The LRPD Swimming program is coordinated through Mike Gurzi at the Earl J. Chris Swimming Pool. For more information please contact the Earl J. Chris Swimming Pool at 291-8827 or the Administrative Offices at 291-8362.

2017 Summer Swimming Schedule

Earl J. Chris Pool Schedule

2017 Destiny Swim Camp

Therapeutic Recreation

Please contact Denise Ferguson at 291-8127 for more information on our Therapeutic Recreation activities.


Therapeutic RecreationTherapeutic Recreation 2

An important component of the LRPD is the Therapeutic Recreation Program, which offers recreational and leisure opportunities to senior citizens as well as disabled children and adults. The Therapeutic Recreation Program also works with area law enforcement personnel to help at-risk citizens learn new recreation and coping skills.

· Current Programs:

· Wheelchair Basketball

· 2017 TR Art Program

· 2017 TR Bingo

· 2017 TR Time

· 2017 Camp We Can Do Information

· 2017 Camp We Can Do Expectations and Registration Forms

· Photo Gallery

For more information contact Denise Ferguson, Coordinator, at (337) 291-8127.


Summer Enrichment Program 1Summer Enrichment Program 2

Held at six recreation centers each year ( Comeaux, Dupuis, Girard, J. Carlton James, Robicheaux, Thomas), the Summer Enrichment Program offers, for a minimal fee, day time supervised play and activities for youths during a designated summer period. Extended hours are also available for an additional fee. Camp participants are divided by age and gender. The ratio is 1 adult supervisor for every 20 children. If a group has more than 20 children, an additional adult supervisor will be assigned. In addition to indoor games ( board games, ping pong, table hockey) and playground activities, special events and field trips to sites such as the library, skating, bowling, tennis, swimming, restaurants, etc. are available for a small additional fee and are limited to a first-come, first served basis. Field Trips are not included in the registration fee. Lunch is provided by the Lafayette Parish School System. Children will be bused to a nearby school for lunch. However, camp participants may bring their own lunch and eat it at the camp site. Snacks are served daily.

For more information on the Summer Enrichment Program, click on Summer Program Information

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