• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: How do I request a Customer ID and password for an online registration account?
A: 1) Click on the "My Account" button.
2) Fill out the form for New Account Request completely, including birthdate and click submit. Please submit your request only once.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When registering children, use your own information when filling out the online registration account request form, NOT the information of the child you wish to register for an activity. Once you have an online registration account, you will have the opportunity to add family members.
Must be at least 18 years of age to set up an account.
Q: How do I register online for an activity?
A: 1)Click the "Register Now" button at the top of this page.
2) Select the activity that you would like to enroll into. Clicking on the underlined activity name will show you a detailed activity description.
NOTE: You may narrow your search for activities by using any of the four drop-down search boxes at the the top of the online registration page. They are: Location, Category, Sort By and Select. Activities that are "grayed-out" on the screen are not currently available for registration.
3) Click on the "Add to My Cart" button if you would like to register for that activity.
4) Log into your online registration account by entering your Cusotmer ID and Password. Proceed to your Checkout Shopping Cart by clicking the "Continue" button. From this screen you can remove activities from your cart, view more activities and add them to your cart or update your cart information.
5) Confirm your activity name, date and time, enrolle and price, then pay with a credit card. Click "Continue" to proceed with payment. You will be prompted that you are entering a secure site. Click "Yes". Enter your credit card information on the Payment Information Page. Click "Continue".
PLEASE NOTE: The name and address must match those that are on file with your credit card company. If the address shown is not your credit card billing address, click on the "My Account" button and change your residential address to match your credit card billing address.
6) Once your payment has been approved, your receipt will display. Please print a copy of your receipt for your records.
Q: How do I update My Account if I already have an Internet Account?
A: If you already have an Internet Account, you can update your personal information at any time by returning to the "My Account" section. Enter your Customer ID and Password to gain access to your account information and update any information that has changed.
Q: How do I add Family Members to My Account?
A: 1) After you receive your initial Customer ID and Password, click on the "My Account" button.
2) Enter your Customer ID and Password to login.
3) Select "Change Family Members".
4) Add the new family member information. Please include the correct birthdate for each person. This helps online registration software determine eligibility for age-restricted activities.
Q: How do I add additional activities to my shopping cart?
A: To add additional activities, just select the "Show Activities" button on the checkout cart screen. Repeat the selection steps for the second activity and it wll be added to your shopping cart.
Q: How do I update "My Account" information and add a family member if I discover the information is not correct at the time of checkout?
A: You can choose to change your account information during the checkout process. You can even add new family member(s) to be enrolled in your selected activity. Just click on the "My Account" button from the shopping cart and update your information and/or add your family member(s). Once all changes have been made or family members added, then select the "Shopping Cart" button, and from there you may proceed with the checkout process.
Q: Can I pay my account balance online?
A: Yes, you can make payments online! Just log on and click the "My Account" link. Follow the instructions to make your payment online via credit card. "My Account" lets you update your account details, make payments on your account, change your password, address, family members and much more.
Q: How can I view a schedule of my family's upcoming activities?
A: The "My Account" button allows you to view a weekly schedule on your family's upcoming scheduled activities. Just log-in, click the "My Account" button and then click on "Family Schedule". A weekly schedule will display all of the activities your family has been enrolled into and allow you to click on the activity for more information such as the facility location.
Q: Can I view my transaction history and print out my past receipts online?
A: Yes! The "My Account" button allows you to view a detailed list of your past transactions with GEARS. Just log-in, click the "My Account" button and select "Account Detail" to view a list of your past transactions. Then click the "Receipt Number" of the transaction to view the receipt and/or print it out for your records.
Q: How do I request a refund?
A: GEARS strives to offer you high quality recreation programs. We understand that circumstances create the need for processing refunds. Please call the Recreation Office (367-0355) for a form to be completed and mailed to GEARS to process your refund request. Upon receipt of this form, your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted.
If registration was paid via a credit card, a transaction fee (3.75% of refunded amout) will be deducted from the refunded amount for refund requests made due to reasons other than illness/injury, emergency or unsatisfied with program.
Q: Who do I contact for assistance with Internet registration?
A: Karen Eberly, karen_eberly@etownschools.org or 367-0355 ext. 6