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Welcome to Desert Recreation District's Reservation Page. You are able to Request a Reservation, or simply browse schedules for Multi-Purpose Rooms, Picnic Pavilions, or Pools during the summer season.

For Athletic Field Reservations in Palm Desert, please call the Palm Desert Community Center at (760) 568-9697 or the Portola Community Center at (760) 568-2560.

    • Reservation Requests
    • To reserve a facility using our online reservation system, please click here and follow the easy steps to request a reservation.

      To request a facility reservation, first login with your username and password then search by the area, type, location, or amenity of the facility you would like to reserve. Fill in all applicable criteria that follows to complete the reservation.

      Please note that the estimate for your reservation request is TENTATIVE (no payment is required). You will be contacted within FOUR (4) business days after submitting your reservation request. A fee estimate and any additional event requirements will be provided at that time. A Reservation is not considered valid until an Approved Permit has been issued.

    • Quick Reserve
    • Make a Quick Reservation
      To make a quick reservation, select the facility(s) or equipment along with the desired time and review charges. Your facility selections will be confirmed when payment is submitted online.
    • View Facilities
    • When viewing facility schedules you may search by location, type, amenity, or detail.