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CRISP COUNTY RECREATION DEPARTMENTWe are excited to provide the convenience of online registration to our community. Information on programs and activities is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! PLEASE NOTE: Only payments by credit card and existing credit on account will be accepted by this system. Service charges are applied to all internet transactions and are paid directly to the online service provider (see FAQ for details). You may continue to register in person at the Crisp County Recreation Department, using credit cards, check or cash. Sign In Or Create an Account
In order To Register! Once your online account is established, you can make your selections, and register. Instructions below will help you to make your reservation. To register for one of our activities, click on the View Activities button above. (If there are no activities listed, look at the top right (SELECT) and click on the drop down menu. Choose "Future" to see what activities will be coming available.) You should see a list of our current activities. Click on this link and you will be taken to the Activity Detail page. On this page, where you can add this Activity to your shopping cart. Next you will be taken to the Login page where you login with your family ID and Password. You will now find yourself at the shopping cart page where you enter the number of children you are enrolling. Click on the checkout button and you will be taken to the Participant Information page where you must enter each child one at a time. Here you make a selection for Optional Insurance by clicking on the check box below the participant. Apply each child, one at a time. Once you are done entering your children, click on the Continue Button at the bottom of the page. The next page you will see is the Order Confirmation page where you must agree to the Waiver, verify that you are older than 13 years old, and enter your credit card information. Once this is completed click on the Continue Button at the bottom of the page and your credit card will be verified. Once your credit card has been verified you will be taken to a successful completion page. You will also receive an email verifing this transaction.
To Reserve a Facility Reservations for our facilities are subject to department approval. You are responsible for the clean up and condition of the facility after your event. Facility Rental Fees Deposit-Due upon reservation (Price per 1 or 2 day rental) Additional per day deposit required for more then 2 days. Multi-Purpose/Banquet Room $100.00  Per day Kitchen $50.00 Per Day Gymnasium $50.00 Per Day Rent-To be paid at least 48 hours prior to rental date (Price per day) Multi-Purpose/Banquet Room $175 Per day Kitchen $100.00 Per Day Gymnasium $125.00 Per Day Pool $75.00  2 Hours