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Welcome to online facility reservations!

    • Reservation Requests
    • Reserve Facilities
      To request a facility reservation, first login with your username and password then search by the area, type, location, or amenity of the facility you would like to reserve. Fill in all applicable criteria that follows to complete your request.
    • Tennis Court Rentals
    • Make a Tennis Court rental
      To make a court reservation, search your date and time desired, select a tennis court, enter if you are playing singles (2) or doubles (4) in the attendance, and review the charges. Your facility selections will be confirmed when payment is submitted online.
    • View Facilities
    • View Facilities
      When viewing facilities you may search by location, type, amenity, or detail.
    • View Location Maps
    • View available Location Maps
      These maps can be used to view a locations resources, show availability of the resources and book facilities or equipment as required