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How do I register in activities? To register or view upcoming activities, please click the View Activities button! View and select the activity you would like to register for.
How do I reserve facilities? COVID-19 Update: Online picnic reservations are suspended pending further updates to guidance on mass gatherings. Parks, playgrounds, sports courts, and water features are currently open for passive recreation, and first-come, first-serve use of benches and picnic areas for groups of 10 or less who shelter in place together. Park restrooms are also open. Facility use permits are being issued only for the following exceptions under the gathering guidelines: free speech, religious and cultural ceremonies, and youth sports conditioning.To reserve a facility you will need to obtain a Login Name and Password and then click the Reserve button. You will be asked to select an event type, submit a description and input a maximum number of guests. Search for your facility by Facility Type and select the facility you wish to reserve.