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* The earliest a reservation may be placed is one year in advance of the event date.

* When reserving a year in advance... the online reservation system opens up this year at Midnight on the date you would like to reserve for next year. If you sign in BEFORE Midnight, they system will NOT let you make the reservation.

* We only allow 1 reservation per facility per day.

* Facility rental fees and photos may be viewed HERE.

* A $200 deposit is due at the time of the reservation.

This fee will hold your reservation and apply toward any damage or cost incurred by CCFPD for repairs, clean up, or any costs at all relating to the use of CCFPD real estate by you and your guests. Half of the deposit is non-refundable if the event is cancelled. If no damage occurs and rules are followed, the full deposit will be refunded the week following your event.

* Reservations are to be paid in full 45 days before the event date. If your event is within 45 days of this reservation, please sign out after the initial reservation and back in to pay the current balance.

    • Request a Reservation
    • Select Request a Reservation to reserve a facility. You will need to sign in or create an account.

      For available dates select Facility Details.

    • Garden Wedding Reservation

    • Select Garden Wedding Reservation to reserve the Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden for an outside wedding ceremony. Sign in or create an account.

    • Facility Details
    • Select Facility Details to view availability, amenities, location, etc. Sign in not required to view.

      You may also book a facility here. Sign in or create an account.