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Covid 19 has had an impact on our Rentals. Please don't pay for any reservation you make on line at this time. We will phone you to make arrangements.

Please call us to request a reservation for cabins (Tohickon Valley Park) and camping (Lake Towhee, Tinicum Park, Tohickon Valley Park) 215-757-0571 or 215-348-6114.

Our Parks open at 8 am for your enjoyment! If you make a reservation for a picnic or pavilion, your reservation is valid from 8 am until sunset.

Click the button "Request Reservation for Picnics" for pavilions at Core Creek, Peace Valley, Lake Towhee, Tinicum Park, Tohickon Valley Park, Playwicki Park, or Silver Lake Park. If you are planning a special event where you will include any vendors (caterer, furniture rental, tent rental) you must call the office to receive and complete a special use application.

    • Request Reservation for Picnic

    • Click here to request a reservation for a picnic area or pavilion. All picnic reservations are for a DAY. You will have access to your reserved area from 8 am until Sunset.

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    • View Park Offerings
    • View Facility Information and Details

      Are you planning to picnic, camp in a campsite, or a cabin in the woods? Click here to see what we have to offer at our many parks. Then, please call us to make a reservation.