• Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQs For Online Registration Customers

Q: How do I ask you a question?
A: You can always eMail us at parksandrec@aspenrecreation.net.
Q: How do I add Family Members to My Account?
A: Log in to My Account by clicking on the My Account link in the upper right hand corner of this page. Once in My Account, click the "Change Information About Family Members" link. On next page you can enter new family member information.
Q: Can I enter my friend's information with my family members?
A: No. Please ask them to setup their own customer account.
Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?
A: From the My Account program, enter your Login name. Then check the "Forgot your Password" box and click continue. You will advance to the custom security question you created when establishing your account. If, after reviewing your custom security question you do not recall your password, or if your password is not valid, please contact our office during normal business hours and a member of our staff will assist you.